Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Funday!

More like Sunday Lazy Day. Of course if I'm being completely honest I would tell you that it's been a weekend of pure laziness!

Friday we woke up to crazy weather. Sleet, 26 degrees & ice evrrywhere. Schools & all sorts of other places were closed. Sadly, my office wasn't one of those places.

I took this before I left for work. It's by the pool.
The interstates were closed & a ton of surface streets were too. The temp didn't get any "warmer" than 28. I know that's not cold in a lot of places but it's craziness here. Luckily, since the roads weren't getting any better the office closed at 2:30.

Icicles were all over my car when I left.

Lots of ice.

I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, Mike Anderson's, to pick up seafood gumbo for supper. I had to pass right by on my way home. It was delicious!

When I got home this is what things looked like.

My poor camelias.

I hope my azaleas still bloom after this.
The icicles hung around awhile. They were still there Sat. Speaking of Sat., I cleared a bunch of stuff off the DVR. RHOBH? Check, House Hunters? Check, Party Down South? I'm ashamed to say, check, Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, check! 

Dean went & got Caliente to go. I have to have my Mexican fix!

Sunday morning we went to Mass & grocery shopping. When we got home I went for a run.
I didn't go too far because I'm wearing old shoes. My new ones haven't come in yet. Stupid narrow foot. Incidentally, my boob Dr that's a runner told me that since it was so much warmer last than my first half would cause my feet to swellwhich would make them rub places they don't normally which would be why I bled through. Not sure what my running schedule will look like this week because they're forecasting worse weather Tuesday than what we had Friday. Ugh! I'm over winter!


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  1. It has been so long since I experienced that kind of weather, I'm sure I wouldn't even stick my nose out of the house. Just craziness! It's 68 here right now and I'm chilly -- total wuss!