Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sugar Makes You Crazy

We had such a fun weekend! Well, I did especially! When I left work Friday I did a  little shopping & a lot of aimless wandering. I've learned that's nothing but a waste of time. Rarely does something jump out at you as a wonderful gift to give Except of course when it's something for me. I have zero problems finding plenty of things for myself while Christmas shopping. It generally ends up something like buy 2 gifts for other people, buy 4 things for me. Not good.

So once I finally made it home Friday night at 6:30 we had dinner at Caliente as usual. It was just us Friday though. Occasionally that happens. Saturday morning my friend Allison was running her very first 5K race & my brother was running the same race so I went out there to cheer them on.
The infamous cow bell from my race last weekend! I'm not a Miss State fan but I come to love the cow bell!
He had fun ringing it.

Allison's hubs & son, Cael came out to watch. Cael wanted a pic with the gingerbread man. Logan? Not so much. He was much more interested in the dogs that were at the race. He wanted to pet them all.
Not a very good pic but my brother won the race. Santa was giving him his medal. Scott's fast & it annoys me!!! HA!
Me & Allison

After the race Logan came home with me. I had big plans of cookie baking & gingerbread house decorating. I told Logan we needed to wash his hands & this is what I saw.
Whatever works right?
We worked on the house.

Does anyone know if you're supposed to decorate the house first & then put it together? We did the opposite & it didn't work out too well.
At this point Logan decided that rather than decorate, he'd just play. That was fine with me. He named the gingerbread family & made them a pool on their porch made of icing & they swam.
He has a fabulous imagination!! We watched some Christmas Mickey Mouse shows & Toy Story & some motorcycle racing - not my thing but Logan loves it. Then Logan built a tent with the bar stools & blankets. I was tired watching him. At the end of the day Logan told me "Sugar makes you crazy". HAHA! We had a really good day.

Sunday morning was my annual Christmas Brunch with Allison.We went to Frankie Marcello's.
Everything was delicious! Allison brought me a treat!
When I won my new Keurig I gave her the one I had so got me this cute mug! I'm a sucker for mugs & cups. We spent the afternoon shopping & I'm still not finished.

Sunday evening Dean & I had a going away party to go to.
We met Bill years ago when he was a student at LSU working in sports information. We've been friends every since. In January Bill will be moving to the big city of Starkville, MS to work for Miss. State.

After the going away party we had the Caliente Christmas party downtown at The Roux House. You know you're a regular when you get invited to the employee Christmas Party!!! It started at 9:00 pm. We weren't going to stay long but since Jessica (the owner) invited us we wanted to make an appearance.
Jackie, Allie, Anna & Me with Adalee (Jessica's baby). She's so tiny & so cute!!
We had a fun & the food was great. We left at 10:30 & I was pretty much exhausted by 1:00 pm Monday!



  1. I've never made a gingerbread house. I was thinking about buying one for this weekend to do with Cohen, but now I'm thinking I will just get some cookies to bake and we will eat candy. ;)

  2. Ok, I am exhausted after reading this post. I wanna come to party, drink, and eat with ya'll someday. It always looks like so much fun. If ya'll come to Starkville to visit your friend, you must let me know. I am only 20 minutes away. Hubby is die hard State fan, I am die hard Old Miss :)

  3. Sounds like y'all had your normal busy, fun and filled with good food weekend! It kind of looked like your frosting for the gingerbread house was a bit thin. You should be able to put it together and then decorate it, so the frosting needs to be very thick and act like glue.

  4. I'm going to make a gingerbread house with my little one tonight. She is very excited. I love that mug. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.