Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Suck It Up Buttercup!

These days are back.
Not a good pic but the 100 degrees is what I wanted you to see. Let's not even talk about the humidity. Seriously, it's awful!!!!

Sunday morning I had big plans. The alarm was set for a little before 6:00 so I could run before the aforementioned heat became unbearable. I had to run 5 mi. YIKES! I was scared but my friend Cindy was going to run at least 3 miles of that with me. She just finished her 3 or 4th Triathlon! Yeh, well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I woke up to thunder & rain. Great. I know there's a chance that I'll have to run in the rain when I run the actual half marathon but I wasn't subjecting myself to thunder & a storm. It's important to stay on my schedule especially for the long runs. I need to do those on the weekends when I don't have to get to work. Luckily, about 10:00 the storms were gone. There were more expected later so I was hoping for a nice cloudy run. That did not happen. Bright, shiny, hot sun the entire run but I did it. I may have felt like dying the last mile but I did it.
Pay no attention to the May 26 date. That's the only thing I don't like about this program/app. You have to enter the date of your race & it counts back to tell you when to start. I guess most people don't start 7 or 8 months prior to a race. Y'all know I always talk about how I'm faster when I run once the sun is up? Really weird to me because it's hotter then too. Anyway, my splits were about the same as they are when I run a shorter distance. I was happy to see that. After my run I got straight into the pool. Yep, I had my swimsuit bottoms on under my running shorts & a sports bra makes for a perfectly acceptable swim top. HA! I assure you that wouldn't happen if I was anywhere other than in my backyard. While I was in the pool I swam laps.

Monday was a true rest day. I didn't do any exercise at all. However, I was starving all day! I tried not to go crazy but I'm wondering if I'm eating enough. How weird is that? I need a dietitian or someone who knows about these things to help. 

Tuesday I went to Yoglates. Monday night I saw on FB that my normal teacher wasn't going to be there. The "crazy chick" was teaching. She's the one that's 25, skinny, skinny, runs marathons & apparently thinks everyone in class is the same. I did not want to go. I immediately started trying to rearrange my schedule. It wasn't going to work though. Dean told me to "Suck it up & go". So that's what I did. It was rough & it was hot & watching her in yoga pants, 2 shirts & a sweatshirt in a 90 degree room was almost enough to make me keel over but 45 minutes & 444 calories later I was done. I'm glad I went though. She said she'd be teaching that particular class quite a bit this summer so it looks like I'm stuck with her.

Today was another run. This time only 3.5 mi. Easy peasy after 5 mi. right? Yeh, not so much. 76 degrees with 97% humidity isn't fun.
Slow today. Well, slower than normal but again I did it & while I'd like to be faster I'm not stressing out about it. I'm 39 years old & have never been anything close to an athlete, I'm lucky I'm running at all. The good thing about the run is this
That's calories burned. I would really like a Garmin or Polar or one of those other fancy watches with the heart rate monitor &GPS. Mine only has the heart rate monitor. That would be a good birthday gift. Never in a million years did I expect to want a running watch for my 40th birthday. Or anything else exercise related for that matter. I always envisioned diamonds.....which would still be nice too.

I spent some time like this the last few nights.
I'm trying to prevent shin splints. Although, they're a little sore today. This is also me being too lazy to fill up the ice pack with ice.

In honor of my 5 mi. run & yoglates with the crazy chic I've rewarded myself with this.
Who would've ever thought I'd want this as a reward?????



  1. Good for you, Traci! I was ready to keel over just reading what the humidity was. We were 109 today with 18% humidity -- yep, it's definitely a dry heat!

  2. This is a topic that is near to my heart... Many thanks!
    Where are your contact details though?

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  3. That's a cute shirt. Looks like it's hotter there than FL. I have been away for a month now but I am going back on Monday. I hope it cools off a bit...Christine