Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pass Christian

Warning: This post contains about 3,654 pictures.

Dean & I have good friends that have built a second home on the bay in Pass Christian, MS. They call it a camp but I refuse to do so because this is NOT a camp. It's a very nice house. We went Thursday & spent the weekend with them.
This is the view from the balcony. It's so peaceful. I spent some time here reading & eating breakfast.

Friday morning Dean & Matt went fishing. Suzy & I went for a run, not together because Suzy is one of those 7 minute mile runners. I'm excited to say that I managed a 4 mile run in an area I'm not familiar with & managed to not get lost! My sense of direction is lacking. Dean had his phone out & showed me the subdivision on the map so I'd have an idea of where I needed to be. It worked! My time was 44:14. I had 2 miles that were under 11 minutes. That's very exciting for me!!! I enjoyed the new scenery. There were some beautiful houses.
This was my view when I got back. I grabbed some breakfast & a Poweraid & then swam some laps.
For those of you that don't know these are crab traps. I went with the guys to put them out.
They used raw chicken for bait. GROSS!
This is some sort of Styrofoam ball that's attached to the trap so you know which ones are yours when you go to check them.
Later Friday night we went for a boat ride. Most of the houses on the bay are really pretty. This isn't a great pic but this house was so pretty & soooo big! The people that own it live in New Orleans & this is their second home.
This one was my favorite. The front is gorgeous too. It has lots of palm trees.

These sunsets are why Matt & Suzy chose the lot they did. So pretty!
I'm not sure if you can see through the trees but there's a boat in there. You can see the poles that held the sails. This area was hard hit by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 & this is where someone's boat landed. Because of where it is there's no way to get the boat out. It's kind of spooky.
I was playing with the different settings on my camera but I thought this was a cool looking picture.
One very small crab in the trap! They hadn't been out long. We just wanted to see if we caught anything.
This is the view of Matt & Suzy's house from out in the bay. The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina was above the louvers all the way to the bottom  of the 1st floor. That's so amazing to me. Matt & Suzy just built their house last year which is why it's as high as it is.
I've decided I need a hammock. I told Dean he needs to figure out how to hang one on my patio under the ceiling fans. I'm sure he'll get right on that.
Saturday morning while the boys were fishing, Suzy & I went for a walk. We walked all through their subdivision looking at all of the houses. We walked for an hour & a half, close to 5 miles.

Since the fish weren't biting we went out to dinner in Bay St. Louis at Trapani's.
I'm not sure what my fixation with blue drinks is but this was called a Blue Marlin Martini. Yum!
Dean had the soft shell crab with all sorts of stuff on top of it. I don't like soft shell crabs but Dean said it was very good.
I had the Eggplant Delacroix. It was fried eggplant topped with grilled shrimp in some sort of delicious sauce. I ate EVERY BITE!!

Pass Christian is only about 2 hours from Baton Rouge so it's easy to go for a weekend. It was a great way to end our vacation!



  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous home; and, as usual, you are always showing some delicious-looking food.

  2. Beautiful place, but I wish you had ordered me a plate of that food. You know you always make me hungry!

  3. catching up!
    -glad things have been better at work! SBUX buddies rock!!
    -glad you are running so well again! I have lost motivation. Again.
    -do you know I got our the pool today for the FIRST time this summer. Cray.
    -I saw SO MUCH LSU stuff in Florida. Thought of you each time of course haha.
    -love the tank! you deserve it!!
    -snakes NO
    -Logan is getting big! So cute!
    - I still haven't been to MS yet to see lil' Sis. Gorgeous "camp"!