Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Love!

So so happy that it's almost the weekend. Just another hour. We have plans to go to LSU's baseball game tonight but the weather may have other plans. It's been sketchy. Whether the game is rained out or not will determine dinner plans. 

Speaking of food. I had lunch with my friend Wendy today. We went to Zoe's Kitchen. YUM! I love that place.

I've been on the hunt for some good mascara. I've tried lots & nothing has wowed me. UNTIL NOW!!!
I bought this set through I got it because it's sample sizes of 3 different mascaras. It was about $13. I think sample sizes work better for me since you're supposed to change out your mascara frequently. I usually don't because I don't want to waste any. Anyway, the one I'm using now is "Curl & Lengthening". LOVE IT!!! It definitely works & I'll buy it again. I haven't tried any of the others yet.

Does anyone use this?
My MIL makes the best roast & this is what she uses to season it. We've started buying it & we put it on all sorts of stuff. I used it in my scrambled egg last night. I had breakfast for supper!! YUM!

I like soup but I like creamy soup which in turn means fattening soups. I found this a few weeks ago.
LOVE IT! The whole can goes in the microwave & it's a single serving & like 160 calories a can. It's really good. I tried creamy chicken this week & it was good too. It tasted a lot like chicken noodle soup but there were no noodles. I'm trying not to eat a ton of processed food but this is great to bring for lunch sometime. I drink a ton of water everyday so I'm not overly concerned about the salt.

Something else I'm loving these days.....
Yep, those are Velcro rollers! I used these back in the day & I'd forgotten how easy they were. So easy that you can roll your hair in the car & take them out when you get to your destination & your hair will look great. I know from experience. I was not the rollee, I was the driver of the car.  That's my public service announcement for the day! Anyway, I decided to try them one morning. Since I've been working out most days I also have to wash my hair on those days. No more 2 day hair. I'm trying to cut down on the stuff that damages hair since I'm washing more often. that's where the rollers come in. I've been using them everyday for about 2 weeks & I haven't touched the flat iron. The rollers give me plenty of volume which I love & they're not damaging my hair. It's a win win!

These are my most favorite candy every. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! As far as I know they're only sold around Easter. If you know differently please don't tell me. I need to keep this as a yearly treat! I bought a pack last week & I've been enjoying them some this week. I could eat several at a time. Seriously.

So what are y'all loving today??



  1. I used Velcro rollers before and can't remember why I stopped! I need to get them out again!! Brandon just asked me if you guys were going to the games this weekend. :) hope it doesn't rain you out!

  2. The samples of mascara sound interesting...I don't wear too much make up...but mascara is a must! My kids love the Cadbury eggs to ...I like the caramel ones...I found the mini ones. Right now one of my favorite things is Bear Creek dry soup...I get the cream of potato...tonight we're adding clams...its yummy...and easy! Have a great weekend!!

  3. I love my Bare Minerals mascara - I'm almost out - I'll have to look for that sample kit next time.

    My mom uses some similar velcro roller kit but they use pins too so not quite the same. She embarrasses my dad because she constantly drives places with them in before taking them out.

  4. Happy Sunday - I LOVE THAT MASCARA!!

  5. Cadbury Eggs have definitely already made an appearance in my house!