Tuesday, February 26, 2013


That would be me. Ever have those days when you have stuff to do but you don't want to do it? That's me too. sigh.

The weekend wasn't anything exciting either. The food was the most exciting part. It was a bad, bad eating weekend. When I say bad, I mean I ate really good. Seafood gumbo, a salad with the best ranch dressing ever & a shrimp po boy. Not the best shrimp po boy ever but a pretty good one. After dinner we went to the LSU game. It was chilly & there was a chance of rain but the weather people said it shouldn't cause any problems with the game. Well, you know what that means. Approximately 25 mins. into the game the rain started. Along with thunder & lightening. We went home.

Saturday we had lunch at Applebee's. We don't eat there often because it's not really convenient but it was so good. I had this club sandwich that was turkey, ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato & BBQ sauce & then it was grilled. O.M.G. Really really good. Throw in some Cadbury eggs & Dr Pepper & you've got a calorie count of epic proportions! Notice, there are no pictures of my food. I guess I was so hungry I completely forgot to take pics.

Sunday I spent the day at home with my mom. We got their income tax done & while fixing one computer related problem we came across another one. I'm no computer expert & it annoys & frustrates me. That would be where the Dr. Pepper came in. sigh.

I've noticed since I'm exercising so much I'm eating more so I'm trying to make good food choices. Obviously, I'm not always successful but I'm doing way better than I've ever done. I tried one of these last week.
It's one of those protein bars that everyone is crazy about. I figured it would taste weird & I wouldn't like it but y'all it was delicious!! Now these things aren't low in calories like I thought when I first heard of them. It's 250 calories but it's not a bunch of processed crap either. I don't like peanuts unless they're mixed in with other stuff. I bought this one because it was the only kind Walmart had. I'll try some of the others if I find them somewhere.

My workouts last week were much better than my eating last weekend.
Sunday - ran 3.1 mi.
Monday - Jillian's workout
Tuesday - Yoglates
Wednesday - ran 2.5 mi.
Thursday - Yoglates
Friday - Jillian
Saturday - REST

This weeks workouts so far:
Sunday - ran 3.5 mi. Longest run I've ever done!!
Monday - Jillian's workout
Tuesday - Yoglates

Not a bad start to the week!



  1. I have never had that Cliff bar, I should get some to try it. John said it has been windy at home. I am in Chicago and we're having a snow storm.

  2. I have tried one flavor of those bars but didn't like it. I should try more kinds! :) I need to be eating healthier!!!

  3. Ah don't feel bad about all the eating...just start over...I say this as I'm eating a cookie I just took out of the oven!! I tried those protein bars...but I want to try the new ones that Jillian was showing last night on the biggest loser...they sounded good and all natural and low calories...Umber bar or something like that. Have a great day!!

  4. I'm impressed, Traci! Proud of your workout schedule. I seemed to have fallen off the wagon.

    I'm in that stage you spoke of at the beginning. I have plenty to do but no concern about doing any of it!

    I blame it on the cloudy, cold weather!

  5. You really get a lot of work outs in...I am so sporadic. Then I feel really guilty about eating the bad stuff. We love Applebee's, too. It's one place where I really love the salads.

    I had a day and weekend just like you. So much to do but did nothing! lol!

    Have a great week!


  6. Remember, you can start over at any time. Don't beat yourself up. Your workouts sound GREAT!!! Have a wonderful week. XO, Pinky

  7. Wow lady, you're inspiring me to amp up the workouts!