Friday, May 6, 2011

Soooo Embarrassed!

I'm all about full disclosure on this whole exercise/weight loss thing I'm trying to do. That being said, I gained a pound this week. I'm frustrated. Not so much that I'm going to give up but just a little frustrated. I'm blaming it on the weekend although I didn't eat bad. Maybe it was that 32 oz. daiquiri?? Anyway, lots of the things I've read talk about plateaus & how you need to switch things up. So that's what I did. I added a 4th Yogalates class this week. Not only did I do 4 classes this week but I went 4 days in a row. So, I get to class yesterday & there is a camera & extra people hanging around. When I say camera, I don't mean a little digital, I mean a TV CAMERA! WTH??? My first thought was that they were finishing up. Several LSU football players take Yogalates & there have been segments on the local news about it. I thought this was one of those. Not so much. It was a local TV station & one of the reporters was going to take our class while another guy filmed. They're doing a segment on the morning show about "Extreme Workouts". Those people that know me personally would've never expected me to workout much less do something EXTREME! Well, I definitely thought about leaving but I was there so I just got my little spot in the corner as far away from the camera as possible. It never occurred to me that the guy would walk around with the camera filming. Let me tell you nothing screws up your concentration on a move like when you look up & a camera is a foot from your face. At this point I'm just praying that I end up on the editing room floor & if I don't maybe nobody will recognize me. UGH!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. You could be famous! :) I would have died from embarrassment, too, but at least you were in there, working out and doing good! I was at home being lazy!!

  2. That is funny Traci! Keep up the good work on your weight loss...a pound gain is nothing, you will lose two next week!

  3. Hey PRECIOUS friend! I have not been in blogland much AT ALL the last few weeks...still fighting these stupid Shingles...But I KNEW I could come here and read and you would make me laugh! And you DID! You are so funny! That was a LOL post!
    Do NOT worry about that 1 lb!!! You may be retaining water with the weight you HAVE lost! You are doing AWESOME and I am so proud of you! You are being so GOOD on your journey! Dont let 1 lb get ya down!

    Happy Mothers day, sweet friend!


  4. That is kinda funny Traci, and I needed a funny today :), and about that pound, you know us girls retain fluid something awful!!!!

    Ok now back to the tv camera, you have to tell which tv station it was in there filming so that we can google the news station and watch the video!! Come oooonnnnn, out with it.......

  5. This was a great visual because I totally understand the whole camera thing. I am sure you looked fine. But gosh.... no way would anyone want to see my sweaty Betty red face!

    I agree with others... no worries on that one pound.-- You will kick it's bootay next week.

  6. Hey, 1 lb. is nothing! You are doing really awesome. It all sounds pretty "extreme" to me. As for exercising in a warm space, I would pass out for sure! I'm with Teresa, tell us what channel did that video. We won't laugh, I promise; I, for one, am totally in awe & a wee bit jealous!

    How great that you have the strong neighborhood connection. We've been told that the neighborhood we are moving into is like that. We are hoping.

    However you are celebrating Mother's Day, I hope it's a really fun one!

  7. Traci, You are better than me, I would have turned around and left!Lol...dont sweat the 1lb. you will lose that and more next week.

  8. You make me laugh!! A pound is nothing. You are doing awesome. SO proud of you.

  9. More than likely, it's fluid. You are still doing great. Are you eating enough calories? It took me a while to wrap my brain around that one, but you won't lose weight if you don't eat enough.