Monday, May 2, 2011


I can't believe it's Monday again. I'm really tired today. I had some sleep issues this weekend. I'll be pretty close to dead by 2:00.

Dean & I went to the LSU game Friday night. They won but it was pretty boring. They played Kentucky & they're REALLY bad.

Saturday morning was the neighborhood crawfish boil. Dean & the guys went to pick up the crawfish & I went to walk the lakes with Allison, Wendy & Jill. It was a great day to walk because it was really windy & the sun wasn't out so we didn't get especially hot. Then it was home to get cleaned up, then down the street to the crawfish boil. This pot was their home before they went into the boiling water.
The kids love to play with them before they meet their maker.
Stafford is such a little girlie girl I was shocked that she was playing with them.
Everyone really enjoyed the crawfish. This was the first time this season I had any. I think I ate about 10. I like them but it's such a pain to peel them & my fingernails get stained & they don't fill me up. I just don't like to work that hard for food. I really enjoyed the broccoli salad that someone brought though! Wendy is shaking her head while reading this....
Notice the expression on Amelia-Ann's face? That would be because Dean is quizzing her about her boyfriend & the little boys that were knocking on her door while he cut the grass Friday. She's in for a long dating life once she's old enough between her dad & Dean. I feel sorry for her.

See this contraption??
This would be where they put the crawfish when they rinse them before boiling them. Our friend Dennis, who's driveway was the boiling area, rigged this up Friday night. There's a drain in the wood. Then there's this...
This is Dennis' backyard. One end of the PVC pipe is connected to the table thingy where the guys were washing the crawfish & the other end drains into the ditch that runs along the back of the lot. Pretty smart huh??

I think we stayed out chatting with the neighbors until about 9:00 Saturday night. Have I mentioned that I love where we live because I love our neighbors so much??

Sunday, Allison & I walked the lakes again. We tacked on an extra 1/2 mi. so we walked 4 mi. After our walk we met Wendy at Jimmy Johns for lunch. Wendy had to work so she wasn't able to walk with us. This was our first time at Jimmy John's. It was good. I had a veggie & cheese sandwich without the bread. It was all wrapped up in iceberg lettuce. It was really good!

Last night we went down the street for dinner. Kitzia is Mexican & she's a wonderful cook! There were some crawfish that were boiled but not eaten so we peeled them & Kitzia took the meat & made Ceviche. I'd never had this but it was soooooo good.  It would be the perfect light lunch on a really hot day. It's a cold salad type thing that has crawfish, onion, lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, green olives, avocado & olive oil. She said generally it's made with raw fish. Yuck. It would be great with shrimp or crab too.

That brings us back to today. Monday. BLECH!! 



  1. Girl, I love me some crawfish.........mmm

  2. I only ate Crawfish once this year=/
    Seems like everyone had a good time.

  3. I have eaten crawfish once but refused to suck the head!!

    Hope you get your second wind soon!

  4. I think it would be wonderful to live in a place where ya have block parties and crawfish boils and such. I have never lived in such an area. I have been to crawfish boils before, but I cannot eat anything that has eyes looking back at me, dead or alive lol.

    I sure hope ya'll are having safe weather there and have missed all of the action. I am very geographically challenged, but I do know that your south of us, (I think).

  5. We used to catch crawfish in Lake Arrowhead up in the mountains near my house when I was young...they are a pain to eat! Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend!

  6. I won't eat those things. We have some in our pond.

  7. Mmmm...I've been loving the crawfish this year!! My hubby's has perfected his cooking style - it's soooo good!! That's a pretty interesting cleaning station they have, too!!

  8. How nice that yoyu get together with your nieghbors regularly, Traci. What a fun neighborhood. I love crawfish and I love ceviche and I never thought of putting them together. Thanks for the idea!...Christine

  9. Just when you think you have seen it all in comes the pvc pipe. WOW!~

  10. Sounds like you've been eatin' good lady!

  11. Looks like a great time! So fun! I guess Dennis takes the Crawfish Boil seriously! Sounds like something my husband would do!