Saturday, November 28, 2009

Have Terrorist Taken Over Hobby Lobby??

We had a great Thanksgiving. There was soooo much food & everything was delicious! Although, I'm a bit tired of leftovers. Our parents were here, both of our brothers & sisters in law, niece & nephews. This little guy was the only one that smiled for pictures!!

I love him so much!!! He loves playing with his toys.

Our Thanksgiving Day was cold & really windy. How cute is Logan in his hat??

I didn't get to do any Black Friday shopping. I had to work. When I got home we went to Dean's cousins. They were having a party because some of Dean's other cousins were in town from Pennsylvania & Texas. Again, we ate! Gumbo & fried fish along with one of my favorite desserts, ooey gooey bars!

All the kids had a ball playing with each other. They didn't stay still long enough to get many pictures. Here is Dean's cousin Cory with his baby Sam.

Emma taking a break with Dean.

Today I started decorating for Christmas. I'm finished with the my tree but there's still a lot left to do. I took a break & went to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things. There were about a million people there but I seemed to be the only person paying any attention to the habeeb guys walking around speaking whatever language it is that they speak. They were making me nervous. They had on Hobby Lobby uniforms but they looked like terrorists. Then when I went to checkout there was another one running a register. I didn't get in his line. I've never seen a guy cashier in this store either. The woman in front of me had all sorts of problems & it's obvious the cashiers are paid by the hour because I don't think you could move any slower. So I switch lines. I was hoping to be home before kickoff. I forgot about Mr. Habeeb & I ended up in his line. Well, I just thought the other cashier was moving slowly! I didn't think I was ever getting out of there & that made me more nervous. I could just see this guy pulling something out from under his register. The only thing he said to me when it was my turn was to tell me what my total was. Not one word. I didn't make eye contact, paid cash & got outta there! It seems really weird to me that a good Christian, closed on Sunday store like Hobby Lobby would employ such people.

After some issues, LSU won in OT. It cetainly wasn't pretty but it was a win. Now it's time for bed.

Nite Nite

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