Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giblets, Gizzards & Naps

I see I haven't posted anything in awhile. Life's been busy. Saturday was that fiasco of a football game. I still can't believe how unbelievably stupid the whole thing was. I'm pretty sure LSU will lose Saturday & when they do look out Les. It's not going to be pretty.

Sunday, I spent the day with friends at the outlet mall in Gulport, MS. We had lunch at Chili's, shopped & got some great bargains & then had dinner at D'Angelo's once we made it back to Baton Rouge. I was able to get several gifts & I only have a few people left on my list. While I was gone Dean put the tree up. I was so excited. I love decorating but I hate the actual putting the tree together part. I plan on decorating this weekend.

Monday night after work I was going to dinner & to Corks 'n Canvas with Dean's Godchild Laura & her friends. Of course things never go smoothly for me when I'm short on time. I hate to be late. We were meeting at Monjuni's at 4:30. I get off work at 4:30 but it's only about 5 mins. away so no biggie. Well, I got there & only a couple of cars were in the parking lot so I sat in my truck & waited a few minutes before going in. Or should I say attempting to go in. They were closed! At that point I remembered there's another Monjuni's on Jefferson & that Corks 'n Canvas is also on Jefferson so I realized they must be close to each other & that's where everyone is. I hauled it over there & still managed to have a wedding cake martini & the veggie lasagna. It was soooo good. The only thing I missed out on was the salad. I ordered a side sensation salad only to have the waitress tell me that they don't do a side sensation, only house & caesar so I skipped the salad. Later I realized that I don't ever order a sensation salad, I order the house. Oh well. After dinner we walked next door to do our painting. We had such a good time. This was different than the painting I did with The Arts Council of Baton Rouge. The fleur de lis was already drawn on the paper. We just had to do our background & paint the border & color in the fleur de lis. This is me & Laura with our paintings.

I went to Target today at lunch. I was tired & feeling like I needed a nap so I thought getting out of the office would wake me up. Not to mention I wasn't having the best day & I was feeling like killing someone. From the second I walked in Target I determined that I wasn't the only person that needed a nap. Every kid in that store was throwing a fit. I got my stuff & got out of there as fast as I could.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated at our house this year. Tonight we spent the evening getting ready. This meant Dean had to shoot up the turkeys. They've been thawing in the freezer all week. I wasn't aware that gizzards, giblets & who knows what else is stuffed inside the frozen turkey. There's been some debate as to why this is done. Nobody can give me an explanation other than "It's always like that" & "It's in chickens too". I think this is the most ridiculous thing ever. Since the stuff is in a little bag why can't they just stick the little bag in the package with the turkey? Why does it have to be inside the turkey? Yet, the same people (who will remain nameless) that can't give me a better explanation insist that I'm "being ridiculous" & "being a blonde" (blondes out there, this isn't a compliment). This is what happens with them being inside the turkey.

See, if the stuff wasn't inside the turkey Dean wouldn't have had such a hard time getting it out. This brings up the question of how did Joey get that turkey on his head in that episode of Friends (my all time favorite show ever).

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

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  1. In the processing plant, after the turkey has been de-feathered, it must be "gutted". In the process of removing the internal organs, some of the edible portions are removed. Many people do not eat the neck, gizzard, heart, & liver. But they are edible and many people DO want them. Therefore, since it is an FDA law that the "parts" of the fowl must remain with the fowl....and this is a few steps BEFORE the packaging, the parts are inserted into the now empty cavity.

    This story is pure crap....I made it up...but it sounds better than "This is how it is always done and you are just acting blonde."