Friday, August 21, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Another door is finished. Last night I decided to work on hinges. This process is going much slower than I had hoped. I'm not a patient person but I don't want to bug Dean about getting it all done being that he wanted nothing to do with this project to begin with. I got the first two done easily. The third one, not so much. I had technical difficulties. The door wouldn't close. I couldn't figure out what the problem was so I had to suck it up & get Dean. Well, he discovered that I had the hinge on backwards. Hmmm, I didn't realize there was a certain way they went. Apparently, I was really lucky that the other six I did were on right. Well, right if you don't count that two of them are upside down but I don't think that really matters. Besides, you can't tell. So here are some pictures.
Before - shiny brass

After - pretty oil rubbed bronze

I'd ordered some makeup last week from E.L.F. I LOVE this website. The makeup is ridiculously CHEAP! Seriously, I got 2 different colors of blush, an eyelash curler, a tube of mascara & 2 eyeliners - they have the greatest eyeliner pen ever! My total INCLUDING shipping was $11.00! How awesome is that? There's no way I could've gotten all of that stuff at a store for that price. Plus, I love getting mail & packages! Once you sign up for E.L.F. email updates they send coupon codes all the time. The regular price is cheap to begin with so with a code it's crazy cheap! Check it out.

It looks like the name of our Fantasy Football team is going to be "No Thugs" unless someone comes up with something better before the draft. We've had a few other suggestions but we like this the best so far. Dean thought he was hilarious when he suggested "Clueless". Real funny. We'll see who's clueless.

I read A LOT. Last night I started reading Candy Spelling's book. I'm a HUGE fan of Tori. She was always my fave on 90210 & now I love her reality show. I've read both of her books & I'm definitely "Team Tori". Before I started reading Candy's book I thought she was an incredibly selfish person. Now that I've read about half of it I've also discovered that she's boring. This book is having a hard time holding my interest. So far she's told about her obsession with Rock Hudson & her collection of fans. The kind you wave not electrical. I mean seriously, a book about this stuff? Maybe it's going to get better. Who knows.

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  1. Those hinges make a big difference. You wouldn't think they would, but they look good.