Tuesday, August 25, 2009


For whatever reason I find it necessary to take stupid quizzes. Like on Facebook, which character from Facts of Life are you & stuff like that. So when I got an email from HGTV or Fine Living, I don't remember which, that had a "What's Your Design Personality?" quiz, I had to take it. I guess this stems from me & Allison's furniture shopping trip Sunday. We were talking about how we have completely different taste & we see stuff the other would buy in a store & wouldn't look twice at it but when we see it in each other's houses we really like it. Basicaly, Allison is modern & I'm traditional. So how unbelievably ridiculous is the results of the quiz?????

"You are offbeat eclectic.

You firmly believe that one man's trash can be another man's (or woman's) treasure, so you're constantly scouring yard sales for new goodies. Your interests change rapidly, so you could be into tarot readings one month and tai chi the next.

Although you're not the most organized person, you love to throw parties to expose friends to different cultures. You can be unpredictable, but you're always exciting."

Seriously, this is about as far off the mark as you can get. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE eclectic. Seriously. I DON'T go to garage sales because I hate to dig. I'd rather pay full price than dig. I've never had tarot readings or done tai chi. I'm not even sure if you do tai chi or it's a decorative style or something your drink. I'm pretty organized & I certainly have NO desire to be exposed, much less expose someone else, to different cultures. I don't even eat Nese! I guess they got something right when they said I can be unpredictable but I'm not even sure about that. My entire house is painted some shade of brown. I don't think you can get anymore non-eclectic than that. I wonder why I continue to waste my time on these quizzes.

Yesterday, it took me 45 minutes to get home from work. Normally, it doesn't take more than 30 mins. to get home & less than that to get to work. LSU started classes yesterday so I know that had something to do with it but then there's a big article on the front page of today's paper about LSU's new bus system & how great it is & how crowded the buses were. Well, I would hate to see if all of those people were actually driving around. I don't have a problem driving but I hate to just sit & yesterday I did a lot of sitting. Like multiple times through multiple red lights. It was not fun. I know there are people that have it much worse, but I know there are also people that have it much better - DEAN (I dont' know why he isn't the one that has to deal with this, he's actually laid back & has some patience unlike me) - it's sooooo frustrating. I'm hoping yesterday was a fluke & I can get home in a timely fashion today.

I've talked about my love for reality TV. Well I'm about to bail on one of my shows -Real Housewives of Atlanta. This show is starting to bug me. It's full of drama & the women are the epitome of "new money" & ghetto. Every week it's the same thing & I think I'm done. There's too much good mindless tv on to waste time watching crap. This will leave me with an available time slot, so I'm thinking about what to fill it with. I was determined not to take on any new shows because the fall's coming & all my regular shows will start coming back on - Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Grey's, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives(yep I'm still on the bandwagon) - but yesterday & today Kellie Rasberry talked about the greatness that is Project Runway. This has never been a must see for me but when they started talking about a soccer ball dress I got interested. Then my mom is harassing me about watching Army Wives. Who knows. I really do have a tough life huh??

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  1. A. I think I need to take this quiz and see if I get "Traditional" and then we'll know if it's a bust.


    and 3. Desperate Housewives??? LOL