Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Life Lately

I didn't mean to quit blogging.  I don't even know if anyone visits anymore. There just hasn't been anything blog worthy going on.. Just the same old stuff. Work, running, eating out, repeat. Since we last visited I've had a birthday.

Work birthday cake was just almond cake with butter cream filling & icing. Best cake ever!

Another butter cream birthday cake with friends. One thing I'm not a fan of on birthday's is people actually singing Happy Birthday. It's awkward for everyone involved. At work they always sing & you just sit there & don't know where to look. My friends decided they needed to sing to me. I told them no, it's awkward & I don't like people looking at me. Soooo, they turned around & had their backs to me & sang. I highly recommend that if you must sing. So much less awkward.

Two nights before my birthday we'd gone to a charity event in town & on the way home this happened.

The front's also damaged because when the girl hit us, she pushed us into the car in front of us which just happened to be our friends that we were with earlier. Fun times dealing with that. We're going on almost 6 weeks & my Expedition is still in the shop. Maybe 2 more weeks they say. Definitely not holding my breath. It's really not fun to pay a car note on a car that's only a year old that you currently don't have. We're getting really close to payment number 2 without the car. Yes, I know, be grateful nobody was hurt, blah, blah, blah. I am. Just annoyed that we're inconvenienced  because of someone else. 

I've been running a lot. Marathon training is going surprisingly well. For several weeks I ran 4 times a week which I don't normally do. I've had a few minor issues that I've gone to Physical Therapy for but for the most part I feel ok. 

Two weeks ago I had my longest run to date. 

I swear I heard angels singing when I finished. It took 3 hours 29 minutes. I'm definitely not training for time since this is my first marathon. Actually, it will also be my only marathon. I don't have grand illusions that I'm going to do great & love it & want to subject myself to any more of this nonsense.  

I have a 20 miler Saturday. It's getting colder but luckily the ridiculous cold (in the 40's for the high) will only be here Friday & then Saturday will warm up a bit. 

It's the time of year when the pelicans hang out at the LSU lakes for a few weeks before they go wherever it is that they go for the winter. 

We've had a lot of rain & wind & just dreary looking days this week. I'm ready for some sun. 

So, that's it. We're all caught up. See? Nothing happening.



  1. I'm still reading. :) You are killing your training. You will do great!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time, Traci!

    So sorry about your car. I don't have much to say about insurance after the fiasco at the lakehouse. 18 months later we are finally back in. And they still owe us money for some of the things that were ruined such as sheets, towels, our vacuum cleaner and water cooler. More...and they will nickel and dime that not knowing where we bought those things.

    You are doing so great with your running. Wonder where you do it. Do you have trails or paths? I used to walk/run a lot at the gym and then around a university campus close to home. It is 2 miles all around. I know, not much but it's invigorating and a beautiful route.

    I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.

    I did miss you. Happy Holidays!


  3. So sorry for your vehicle but glad you're not hurt but I do understand the inconvenience. Enjoy the Christmas season, Traci....Christine

  4. I am so sorry I missed your birthday...HAPPY BE- LATED BIRTHDAY!

    That is not the kind of early birthday gift anyone would want....a fender-bender for sure!

    Wow those cakes look amazing!