Monday, December 7, 2015


Last week was crazy busy so I'm playing catch up. I feel like that's all I do these days. The day before Thanksgiving I went to Trader Joe's to get some flowers.

Tulips are my favorite!

They didn't live very long which was a bummer. 

Our typical Thanksgiving is to eat then watch Logan play football with Scott & Dean.

Yes, it was ridiculously hot & we all had on shorts. 

Notice Logan's mouth is wide open in both pictures. He's got the trash talking down to a science.

The wind was blowing about 150 mph. 

Logan's head is wet from sweat. He's the hottest kid I know. 

I bought this at Sam's.

I loved it. Dean said it was ok.

The most exciting thing of the day was when my neighbor ran in the house to borrow a bottle of champagne because her daughter got engaged. It was all very exciting. The first 3900 Krewe Wedding.

Friday I got up & ran. It had been over a week because in keeping with my Thanksgiving tradition I was sick & had to get a steroid shot. 

I ran 4 miles & then walked 1 mi.

I decorated the house & the tree. 

Monday I ran 5 mi.

It was chilly.

I ran 6.5 mi. on Wednesday to try & run off some of the cheesecake. I got a couple of weight workouts in too. 

Not a lot of excitement is happening around here. 



  1. Tulips are my favorite flowers, too! :) Looks like a fun Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm playing catch-up, too! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving, despite the warm weather. Love the flowers, and I think TJ's always has the nicest selection. I was told that putting a copper penny in the vase of water for tulips keep them longer and keep them more upright. I have tried it and it seemed to work pretty well.

    Warm hugs,