Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday in NOLA

I took off work Friday! Yay!! I ran a few errands & met Dean at Caliente for lunch.

Shrimp quesadillas on a wheat tortilla. Soooo good!

Then it was home to pack. I hate packing but it had to be done. We headed to New Orleans with our friends, Dennis, Jackie & Kitzia. Kitzia's hubs was already in NOLA for a meeting.

While we were waiting to check it I looked at our stuff & thought it was funny.

We had tickets for Boudin & Beer. It's a fundraiser for Emeril Lagasse's foundation.

We look like Smurfs thanks to the lighting in the bar at the hotel!

We had charbroiled oysters from Drakes. Soooo good!! Then it was off to The Foundry for the event.

I wanted to take this home & put it by my front door!!

This was my favorite thing!!! Fried oyster on top of grits served in the oyster shell!! There was tons of food & drinks!

Dave, Dennis & Dean

Jackie, Kitzia & me

I ate this.

It was the first thing. For those of you not from the south, a nutria is basically a river rat. I feel sick just thinking about the fact that I ate it & it wasn't awful.

There were chefs from all over the country there with all sorts of specialties. Mario Batali was there & Zac Browns chef! At one point I turned around & Emeril was walking right by & he said to us "Hey guys!" Very cool.

That's Dennis with Sammy Hagar! Sammy makes rum now & they were serving it. He was even bartending for a bit.

Me, Suzy & Kitzia

Dave, Matt, Suzy, Dean & I

Key line pie!

Gelato with chocolate sauce & cracker jacks. I don't like cracker jacks but loved the gelato!

The girls!

The boys all left early this morning to head to Pass Christian to go fishing. The girls are leaving after while. Matt & Suzy just finished building their camp/vacation house on the bay in Pass Christian. We're going to hang out & watch the LSU game & spend the night.

Have a great weekend!

Geaux Tigers!!! Beat Bama!!!


Location:Fulton St,New Orleans,United States


  1. Ya'll seem to be the best at making a party out every situation, and I think that is wonderful! Looks like you have some awesome friends!

  2. What a great time you had! And sharing it with good friends is the best. We loved New Orleans when we visited there a few years ago, it seems like they know how to combine everything with grits and I loved it! River rat? I would have passed! lol!

    Great post and great pictures, Traci!


  3. Sammy Hagar!! Cool. had no idea he was in the rum business.
    I know you must have been irritated with the results of Saturday's game. I confess I didn't even watch. Just haven't been in the mood this year.
    I was talking to my Mom about it on Sunday, and the UA/LSU rivalry has gotten so crazy. My whole life it has just always been the Alabama/Auburn FEUD, but I am sure that is intensified by the fact that we live 20 minutes from that horrible town. Haha. I guess the UA/LSU match is becoming intense like the GA/AU, but I can't imagine ANYthing ever taking the place of the Iron Bowl madness.
    My Nanny was an Auburn fan - BLESS HER HEART - hope she cannot see how bad they SUCK - but she ALWAYS cheered for Alabama when they weren't playing Auburn. In her memory, I commit to cheer for your Tigers every weekend when you are not playing Alabama. :)