Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feliz Navidad!

Imagine it said in the voice of Speedy S. Gonzalez Esquire! He always made me laugh. I know it's not Thanksgiving yet & I'm talking about Christmas but I'm one of those people that just isn't that interested in Thanksgiving. I know that irritates people but I just think Jesus' birthday is more important than a bunch of pilgrims. Just my opinion.

See this
Yes, those are passports & Dean's wallet. Know what that means???

WE'RE GOING ON ANOTHER CRUISE!!! In 2.5 WEEKS!! You get great deals when you book so close to the cruise date. Because of my mean co-worker I'm taking a random week off in December  to use up the rest of my vacation days for the year so I don't lose them & Dean is taking off the same week & we decided why not book a cheap cruise?? That's the ONE good thing about not having kids. We can just do what we want. I'm very excited!

In other exciting news, look what I finally found.
Boot socks!!! Yay!! I had to make a Sam's run yesterday at lunch & for some reason I actually thought to look & there they were. 4 pair for $9. I also found some wrapping paper this morning at CVS! I was shocked! Maybe I'm on a roll!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Yay for a cruise!!! Where is this one going?? And I'm so glad you found wrapping paper and boot socks!!!!

  2. Yay for you and Dean!! Enjoy and take lots of pics.

  3. Oh, that will be such a nice little vacay for ya'll! I know you will have a blast!

    Glad you finally found "pretty" paper!

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