Thursday, September 29, 2016

I'm Back

For the time being anyway. There hasn't been much going on so nothing much to write about. I've been sick for what seems like the last month. It hasn't been that long but it really feels like it. Anyway, I seem to be on the mend. Fingers crossed. 

Saturday night I went with some friends to see The Sound of Music. It was the traveling Broadway show at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans.

We had a 6:00 dinner reservation. We left Baton Rouge at 4:15. Beyonce was in New Orleans too so traffic from BR was a nightmare. I swear the story of my life lately besides sickness is traffic. This town is a mess & since the flood it's been worse. We made it to the restaurant at 6:45. We ate at 5Fifty5 in the Marriott on Canal. The food was really good. 

New Orleans is a people watching Mecca. Add in a Beyonce concert & I swear I could've sat on the street & just watched. It was INSANE! 

Jordan, Allie, me, Cindy & Jackie
This was our failed attempt at a selfie in front of the lit up Saenger sign.

Me, Jordan & Cindy had seats together & Jackie & Allie were in front of us. Apparently, New York has me spoiled. The show was great, the theater is nice but it's not soundproof. I could hear traffic on the street. It wasn't awful but. 

Today was my first this week. I ran once last week but decided to take a break due to all the sickness.

The weather was actually nice. Well, nice might be generous but the dew point was 67 so it was definitely feeling more like fall than summer. I'll take it!

Love when I get 10,000 steps before 6:00 am! 



  1. You ran 5 miles after being sick for a month???!!!! Good Lord, you are beyond fit!

    Love plays. We have some of the best theaters in Chicago. Everyone things New York and Broadway. Wow, you should see the architecture in some of our venues. We last saw The Carole King Story. And my favorite 'oldie' is 42nd Street.

    Hope your family is doing well. Is everyone back in their homes?


  2. People watching in NOLA is one of my favorite things to do! So funny!! Glad you had fun with your friends! I didn't realize Sound of Music was traveling...I'll have to look into that in the future!

    1. Lion King & the Grinch are both traveling soon.