Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm Still Alive!

Tax season hasn't been fun this year. I'm busy all day so the time flies by for the most part but then it's time to go home & it's not always time to go home. I didn't work any overtime last year but this year is a different story. It's safe to say I'm ready for the 18th. Yeh, in case you didn't know tax day isn't until the 18th this year because of Emancipation Day. Apparently, it's a holiday in Washington, DC. 

Saturday night we went to Caliente. This was a little different than our normal weekly visit. 4 of our friends are turning 50 this year so they rented the patio, hired a band & had a party. It was so fun! 

Korie, me, Allie & Suzy - one of the birthday girls!

I love a souvenir wine glass!

Somehow I managed to not eat cake. Very unusual for me.

Anna, me & Hillary 

The ladies of the 3900 Krewe - minus one.

Me, Maria & Cindy. Maria lives a few houses down & runs in the mornings before work too. She ran her first full marathon in January in less than 4 1/2 hours. I picked her brain for awhile. 

It was such a fun night but I was pretty tired Sunday. We're in the process of doing a ton of work outside with our landscaping. We spent the majority of Sunday working on that. I didn't get up Monday to run. I was exhausted & had a Benadryl hangover. I hate how that stuff makes me feel but I'm trying to keep my allergies under control after being outside so long. 

Tuesday morning I ran. There was a good chance of rain but I only dealt with a few sprinkles. As hot & humid as it was I wouldn't have minded more rain.

Got my 5 miles in. Today I got up & did a leg workout that left me with very shaky legs. But that's good right?!



  1. The birthday party sounds like so much fun!! I love it! Great job on the leg workout! Shaky legs are definitely a good thing!

  2. Such a great party and you still managed to keep yourself going. Love that about you!


  3. Hang in there! I hate tax season! But I haven't escaped totally because of quarter close and I've worked tons the past few weeks. I am busy all day too and at least the day moves quickly. Hope the next few days fly by!

  4. What a fun guys really know how to party!