Monday, March 7, 2016

I'm Tired!

I've been on a roll with my steps. 5 out of 6 days I've made my goal.

Run days are the best because I hit 10,000 steps before 8:00 am. 

LSU played at home again this weekend. Friday night Lydia, Scott & Logan came. 

Saturday morning we were up early to do our "Spend tons of money run" aka going to Sam's & Lowe's. People always talk about Walmart & Target & how you spend a fortune but Sam's & Lowe's are our weakness. 

Next up I had a hair appointment. I got about 4 inches cut off & more highlights. After my hair appt. I stopped at Five Guys for a burger & fries. We never go there but it was in the area & it was really good. Next I had to pick up my packet for Sunday's race. I ran into Lydia & Logan there. I finally made it to the LSU game in the 2nd inning. Since the game was out of hand we left early so we could make it to Mass, eat at Canes & then get back to the ballpark for the 2nd game of the doubleheader. 

Scott, Lydia & Logan came again. Logan decided he wanted to "splore the stadium" so off we went.  We walked around & watched the game from different spots. We went through the Hall of Fame room & he was very impressed. We found a tiger too.

Dean & I left a little early since I had to be up early Sunday morning for the race. 

This was the inaugural Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital Amazing Race. There was a 10K & a Half Marathon Sunday. I ran the Half & Scott ran the 10K. Lydia sat this one out.

It was warmer than I like but when you start by the river there's always a breeze. 

I ran into Dianne as soon as I got there.  We ran the Disney Wine & Dine together.  She was running the 10K too.

I didn't have high expectations for this race. The furthest I've ran since the Half in January was 10.25 miles. I knew I could run 13 but I just didn't know how well. It was warmer - when I say warmer, it was 53 when we started. The sun was out so it warmed up quick. I was excited that the route for this race was a little different & we didn't have to run over that stupid overpass even once, much less twice! I started slow, which I always do but it felt like I was slower longer than normal. I was trying not to pay too much attention to my watch. Although, looking back, it might have helped if I would've been watching more closely. I had to walk through one of the water stations because I wanted Powerade. I was expecting yellow or blue because that's what they normally had but it was red. Well, I can run & drink but it's not neat. I've changed a lot over the years but I wasn't interested in looking like a 4 year old with red Powerade spilled all over my shirt. 

I knew my friend Denese was going to be on LSU's campus cheering for all of her friends between mile 10-11. When I saw her she said that she'd seen Scott & that he was either 2nd or 3rd place OVERALL. She was pretty sure he was going to finish 2nd. Unreal!!  

By the time I got to mile 12 I was ready for the race to be over. I had sped up but I knew it wasn't going to be a PR but if I kept up my pace it was going to be a good bit faster than my second best time. I kept the pace because I realized that at the very end of the race there was a hill. I knew it would slow me down some. It's steep but thankfully as soon as you got to the top you crossed the finish line. When you crossed they gave you your medal, a towel & a bottle of water. I LOVED getting a towel. I've mentioned before I sweat a lot. I always sweat more once I stop & usually I don't have anything but napkins. 

My official time was 2:13:45. I was excited. My PR is 2:10:55 & I was really thinking it was a fluke but since I was closer to my PR than my old PR (2:17) I'm thinking maybe I really am getting better! 

I found Scott & Dianne & sure enough Scott was 2nd overall & 1st in his age group. He ran the 10K in 42:55.

Scott getting his award. The Bucktown All Stars from New Orleans played at the finish festival. They're really good. Lots of people were hanging out listening to them. There were even a few girls that ran & then had picnic baskets full of food & mimosa's. I wanted to be their friend!

I went home determined to NOT take a nap. I wanted to keep moving to see if it helped with my recovery & I was hoping to not be too sore. Dean was working in the yard so I helped. I didn't overdo it but I was out there a couple of hours. Long enough to get an uneven sunburn. Story of my life. 

Dean grilled steaks & I sat on the patio & had a much deserved glass of wine. Or two.

I did set a record for steps. 

It's a good thing because I ate pretty terribly all weekend. 

I'm happy to say that I'm not very sore at all today. In January I had very tight calves & I don't have that this time so I guess keeping moving really did work. 

How was your weekend?



  1. I ran the 10k Sunday. I thought the race was nice, and I definitely liked skipping the overpass! The only problem I had was the shortage of port-o-potties at the beginning of the race. The line was so long, I gave it up and just went to the start line. Other than that, the race and course were great!

    1. My brother said the same thing about the porta potties. I only live about 10 mins from downtown so I usually don't have to leave home too too early & can forgo the porta potties. Thankfully!

  2. You are outstanding...but you already know I think that so I won't babble. What are the green things on your arms? And I'm wondering why you can't wear fabric wrist cuffs like tennis players to wipe the sweat off your face. I know I sound like an idiot but I trust you know mw well enough to know...well, that maybe I am one. LOL!

    Good for you keeping it going later and having a great cookout. :D


  3. You are always so busy but having fun, I know....Christine

  4. You are so amazing, Traci, with your continued are a real inspiration for me to get back to the gym as soon as I can!

    Warm hugs,

  5. Awesome job on the half and congrats to Scott on his second place finish!! Yay for not having to endure that dumb overpass!! Hope you have a great weekend! :)