Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Weekend

Yes, I'm aware it's Thursday. The week got away from me. 

Friday night was the season opener for LSU Baseball. We had extra tickets so Scott, Lydia & Logan came with us. 

This kid amazes me all the time. Somebody came up to bat & Logan immediately told us that he changed numbers & last year he was whatever number it was. Of course I don't know if he's right but Dean did & he was. For the first time in a long time the weather was nice. Normally, it's freezing cold. That's coming this weekend. sigh.

Saturday I went to my Godchild, Lane's birthday party. He's 10. Seriously no clue where the time goes. I remember we'd just moved into our house when his mom came over & helped me unpack & told me she was pregnant. 

Me & the birthday boy.

My friend Allison was there with her kiddos. Anna Claire is almost 6 months old. 

Clearly she wasn't impressed with my selfie taking skills. It's so funny to see her little chunky arms. She was so tiny when she was born.

After the party it was off to the LSU game. It was a gorgeous day. So gorgeous I could've worn shorts. Yes, in February.

Saturday was also the 18th anniversary of Dean & I meeting. It was in a Ramada Inn in Austin, TX. We were all there for the LSU/UT Baseball games & we met in the lobby. I had a blender & a bottle of pina colada mix. Back then that blender went everywhere with us. Fun times! 

After the game we went to Caliente for dinner. The weather was so nice we were able to have our first patio day of the year. I had a pina colada to commemorate the day!

Saturday night sleeping proved to be a challenge. I was still having some sinus/allergy/whatever issues & I took some medicine that caused my sleep issues. UGH. I ended up on the sofa & reading Leah Remini's book about her life in Scientology. Seriously, CRAZY!!!! 

I was up early so I went for a run. Since I'd been sick it was my first run in a week. 

I wanted to run 10 miles but I was slow & I had to stop at 8.5 so I could make it to Mass on time. 

In case you missed it, Monday was National Margarita Day. We went to Caliente.

I slept soooo good Monday night after my marg!

Tuesday I got up to run but the weather was just gross. Extremely foggy & misty. I decided since I was recovering from being sick it probably wasn't the best idea to hang out in that. I stayed inside & did a leg workout. 

We had an unexpected half day off Tuesday. The weather was supposed to get really bad with tornadoes & stuff.  Schools were closed so our office closed at 11:00. We were lucky that all we had was rain & wind but some of the outlying areas had tornadoes. 

Wednesday the wind was between 20-25 mph so I didn't even attempt to run. I did arms & upper body & ran this morning.

It was pretty cold this morning. 43 when I went outside. As much as I absolutely HATE cold weather I really love to run in it. It's strange. 

So, now we're all caught up!



  1. Glad everyone's ok with that crazy weather that passed through! My boss's twin nephews play baseball for LSU and he was at the LSU/Lamar game. I love that you live so close you can watch in person...that would be awesome!

    1. I guess that would be the Jordan twins? It is fun. We've had season tickets for 20+ years & used to never miss a home game & we traveled a lot for away games & to go to Omaha. I guess we've gotten older but now we like to travel to other places besides SEC towns!

    2. Yes, that's them! Small world! :)