Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I haven't been around much lately. I guess there's just really nothing happening that's blog worthy. Aside from eating out & hanging out at home we haven't done much of anything. I haven't even worked out since Sunday.

This weekend will be the opposite of boring. Friday night is my Godchild's Confirmation.  Saturday morning is the 5K for The Louisiana Marathon. I've been having some soreness in my left leg so my plan is to walk the 5K. Saturday night we're co-hosting an engagement party. The first kid in our crew got engaged on Thanksgiving. The wedding is in May & due to a tight schedule on the groom's part Saturday night was the only night that worked. I will be making an early exit from the party because Sunday morning is the Half Marathon I'm running. I'm hoping by walking Saturday my leg will be ok to run. I haven't ran since last week in hopes that it'll be good & rested. We'll see how that works for me. At 6:00 am Sunday morning you'll find me at St. Joseph's Cathedral in downtown Baton Rouge for a special runners Mass. A local Priest is running the full marathon Sunday morning & he got the idea to have Mass beforehand. I think it's safe to say we can use all the prayers we can get. I had high hopes of this race being a new PR. Training was going really good & my pace was improving & best of all I was feeling good. All that has gone out the window & I'm extremely frustrated. Probably why I haven't dragged myself out of bed this week to work out. I've had good intentions to work out after work but that hasn't happened either. The last thing I feel like doing when I get home is workout. Which is why I started getting up at 4:30 in the morning to begin with! My plan is to get back on track with that next week. I'm just giving myself a break this week. I'm finally sleeping better so that's a good thing. Exciting stuff here right? LOL.


  1. Boo for the leg pain! I hope it is all better this weekend and you get your PR!

  2. I love the idea of a pre race mass! Judging by the pics, they had a good turnout! Can't wait to read your race recap!! :)