Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wine & Dine Part 1

We left bright & early Thursday morning for Disney. By bright & early, I mean 3:30 am with a 2:30 wake up. I was asleep before 8:00 Wed. night so I had no trouble getting up.

See the wine glass on our jackets? 

Cindy is scared to death of flying so she has to have a drink.

Yes, it's 5:00 am but it's New Orleans so it's not a problem. I had a mimosa.

The clouds looked like cotton.

It's not often you get to see the sun rise above the clouds. It was a gorgeous morning.

Once we got to Orlando, we headed straight for Disney's Magical Express. Disney makes things super easy! We checked our luggage in New Orleans & didn't have to deal with it again. It showed up in our room later. 

We got checked in & ate an early lunch at the resort. 

We stayed at Caribbean Beach & this was the view from our room. 

Next, we Uber'd to Universal. If you've never used Uber try it. There was always a driver within minutes of where we were & the app is super easy to use. I had a referral code so our ride to Universal was free. I used my referral code to send a ride to Cindy so our ride back from Universal was also free & when she used it I earned another free ride. The drivers were nice & the cars were spotless. Here's a referral code if you want to try it out - tracib393ue

We had so much fun riding rides at Universal! If you've never been, the rides there are more intense & are longer. Harry Potter's World is there & Dr. Seuss. 

We took a break & had dinner while we watched the parade.

On our way out we stopped for Ben & Jerry's. All I wanted was ice cream in a waffle bowl but they only make sundae's in waffle bowls so I went with it. So good!

It's really hard to get a good picture at night in front of the ball but I'm glad to see my shoes do reflect. Although, I'm probably never wearing those shoes again because I had blisters once we got to the hotel. 

We got our steps in! 

Friday morning we had breakfast at the resort & then headed to the Expo for packet pick up & shopping. 

They had a lot of cute backdrops for pictures.

My only complaint about the Expo is the lines for the "Official Merchandise". We were in line a good 30 minutes just to pay. So unlike Disney. Normally, they like to get you in & out so you can go spend more money!

We went back to the resort to put all of our stuff up & had an early lunch before heading to Hollywood Studio's. 

I love the Beauty & the Beast show. The dresses are so pretty. 

Single rider line for Rock 'n Roller Coaster. Love that ride!

Cindy & I rode Tower of Terror. Dianne doesn't do free falling. Cindy had her eyes covered & was squeezing my hand the whole time. I LOVE it. It's my favorite ride. So much so that I immediately went back & rode it again by myself. They used that time to go to Starbucks & get us all snacks!

While we were watching the stunt show we spotted a rainbow.

We saw Fantasmic!

It's such a pretty show. 

We stayed at Universal & Hollywood Studio's until they closed. So much fun!

Next up - Race Day!



  1. I loved following along with your IG pics and I love this recap! Can't wait for more! :)

  2. I know you'll be surprised to hear this, but I really like the sun rise picture above the clouds.